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Frequently Asked Questions

What is View My Map?

View My Map is a small online web app that accesses your Facebook profile's tagged places data. Simply put, it gathers all the places you've checked into on Facebook and spits it out onto a Google Map.

Who's allowed to use this?

Anyone with a Facebook profile.

Is this free?


Will I be able to share my map?

Yes. You can either generate and download a screenshot to pass around or generate a share link to post on your social media.

Do I have to authorize my account in order to use this?

Yes. Without your approval, the app can not get the required information from your profile.

Does this app save any of my personal data?

Absolutely not. That'll be too much of a headache. The only thing this app does save, however, is the tagged places. This includes the name, address, date and time of all the locations you've checked into, all of which is non-traceable. That is of course unless you decided to make the name of one of the locations you've checked into something private and personal with an attached address.

Why aren't all my check-in locations displaying?

Not all checked-in places will appear if they are missing data.

Is this app open source?

Absolutely! This is released under the General Public License. You can check out the GitHub repository here.

Why is there an ad on the site?

In order to support future development, projects, and hosting, ads are placed in the site to generate revenue. Rest assured these ads are placed in areas that have no impact on user experience.

Who's the awesome dude that created this?

Glad you've asked, check him out on Twitter @tvledesign.

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